Mentally retarded or differently-abled children are those children who have a below average intelligence level. They lack cognitive and learning abilities. They need someone to help them for doing activities of daily living. If you are a mother, a father or a teacher then you need to have special skills for caring special children. We are summarizing below effective tips for caring mentally retarded children:

  • First of all you should have great patience to handle mentally challenged children. Try to listen to them with complete attention and focus. You should behave politely with them. Never show your frustration or anger towards them.
  • Use creative pictures, videos, and other play acts for teaching them. As you know, they lack normal intelligence level so always try to teach them in a playful manner. Break tasks in parts for decreasing their cognitive load.
  • Never let them realise that they are mentally handicapped. Always boost their motivation by showing motivational videos and telling stories.
  • Enrol them in a special school or a school having separate classes for special children. Never mix your special kid with normal students otherwise there are chances that your kid would feel helpless.
  • If you are a teacher of special students then try to give more attention and care to them. Use instructional videos and cartoons for teaching them. Never discriminate them just because they are differently-abled.
  • Try to take your differently-abled kid to a leading psychologist on monthly basis.
  • Plan yoga and other exercises for them. It will refresh their mind and physical health.

Don’t feel bad for them. They are the special gifts of the God Almighty. Actually, they are differently-abled not mentally disabled. It has been observed that such children are very creative in their spirit but just need special care and endless affection.