Cyclone Vardah has struck the Tamil Nadu coast. In this blogpost, I am summarizing some important guidelines to survive a cyclone. Preparation and safety measures for surviving a cyclone can be subdivided into:

Before a cyclone:

  • If you are in your house, then ensure if it has been built with cyclone standards.
  • Be ready with emergency supplies like flashlight, extra batteries, first aid box etc.
  • If you stay on the coast or near a river then immediately evacuate your house and take shelter in the places marked by the natural disaster authorities
  • If you live in a hut like house then install straps or additional clips so that there is less damage to your house roof.

During a cyclone:

  • Try to stay in safe centers marked by the authorities
  • If you are in your home then keep yourself away from the glass windows and door.
  • Go to the strongest room of your house and stay there. Lie on the floor under the table.
  • Keep listening to the radio or tv for latest warning and other information.
  • If you are driving, then stop but ensure you are far away from the sea, rows of trees or any power supply line.

After a cyclone:

  • Don’t think the cyclone is over. Don’t roam outside. Stay inside.
  • Don’t touch electric appliances if your house interior is wet.
  • Check the gas pipeline for the leak before using it in the kitchen.
  • Check your neighbors through call or other communication means.
  • Don’t go for sightseeing
  • If you are in the safe evacuation center then stay there till you get clearance from the natural disaster authority.
  • Keep listening to the radio
  • Don’t spread any rumors on social media

We pray to the God almighty that our friends in Tamil Nadu are safe.

Note: All the above discussed guidelines are research based.