When it comes to bedroom decoration for your children, you can’t be so casual. Your kids seem to spend so much time in their bedroom whether they are working, playing or sleeping. You need to understand the nature of your kid, whether he or she is imaginative, sporty or adventurous. The kid’s bedroom décor should reflect his or her personality, thoughts and imagination.

Here are some of the ideas to decorate your children’s bedroom:

Fairy Tale Bedroom

If your kid is into stories and fairy tales, then you can use Fairy Dust and Magic Mermaid ceiling themes for their bedroom. The night glow feature of these ceilings will take your daughter into a different world. Add fairy-tale magic to her bedroom by using a canopy bed with a garland of sweet birds encircling it.

Pirate Ship Bedroom

Some boys are obsessed with pirates. If your child loves to play pirate too, you can fulfil his fantasy by embedding a wooden ship to his wall. Also, the room can be decorated out with a rope bridge that connects the pirate ship to the top of a jail cell. Pirate themed wall stickers are affordable and look good.

Tree House Bedroom

If your child is a nature lover, then a Tree House Bedroom décor would be a great idea. A good tree house bed idea would be creating or getting a custom-built, hut-shaped top, with vertical wooden columns at its base. You can decorate the walls using tree stickers. Adding brown coloured, bean bags as chairs will give it a better feel.

Soccer Bedroom

Here comes a soccer bedroom idea for kids who are crazy about soccer. Try accessorising with soccer ball chairs, black and white striped curtains and a wallpaper of their favourite soccer star. Then, step back and see them squeal with joy.

Super Mario Bedroom

Do your kids love to play the Super Mario video game? Add more excitement to their life by decorating your children’s bedroom with a Super Mario theme. Decorate your kid’s room with Super Mario themed sticky wallpapers, green pipe-shaped trash can, blocks and much more.