Honeymoon in Andaman sounds like a newlywed couple starting their new phase of life by exploring beautiful dreams in splendor islands. The charming and tranquil atmosphere of this place offers a romantic opportunity to understand each other’s temperament and soul. The exotic beauty of Andaman strengthens the marital bond of newly wed couples in a natural way.

Andaman is a stunning cluster of 572 Islands speckled in Bay of Bengal. You can reach this beautiful honeymoon destination either by flight or ship. Flights are available from all metros. The airport is located at the capital city called Port Blair. Ships can be taken from Chennai and Kolkata. Many couples prefer sea route for increasing zeal of their memorable honeymoon.

The soothing climate, serene beaches and tranquil surroundings welcome you with open arms. You will feel like you are standing in a different world. No sorrow and no stress! There are plenty of divine tourist places where you can enjoy your every moment. You can conveniently reach underwater coral gardens at the Havelock Island, Neil Island or Jolly Buoy Island, or take a speed boat to see the limestone cave, mangroves, and Parrot Island near Baratang.

Most of the destinations in Andaman Islands are sparsely populated and you can enjoy unlimited beautiful, peaceful and private moments together. You can visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park that is just 29 km away from Port Blair. The Fisheries Museum, Zoological Survey of India Museum, and Anthropological Museum are also good destinations to visit.

While on honeymoon in Andaman Islands, you can take part in various adventurous activities like water-skiing, row boating, speed boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing etc. Don’t forget to watch the traditional dance of locals. Shopping in Andaman Islands is also a good experience. You can buy traditional wristbands, necklaces, earrings, or anklets made of sea shells.

For making your stay unforgettable, book a hotel/resort located on the beach. It will allow you to enjoy the stunning beauty of the beach while sitting in the hotel/resort room. If your budget is low then you can opt any of the affordable hotels located in Andaman. In any case, make sure that you have booked a hotel/resort in advance of your visit.